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Lone Wolf Book Cover

Ghosts of Mississippi ~ E-book Edition


Revised and reissued as an e-book, the award-winning classic Ghosts of Mississippi tells the inside story of one of the most rankling murder cases of the civil rights era. In this historical page-turner, National Book Award finalist Maryanne Vollers exposes a state’s struggle to confront the ghosts of its violent past in order to bring a killer to justice.

The civil rights movement was just catching fire in Mississippi on the night in 1963 when white supremacist Byron De La Beckwith crouched in the honeysuckle across the street from NAACP leader Medgar Evers’s house and shot him in the back. Three trials and thirty years later, a jury convicted Beckwith of murder and sent him to prison for life. Drawing on her rare access to the prosecutors, the Evers family and Beckwith himself, Vollers recreates the events of Evers’s life and death, weaving together a thrilling tale of racism, murder, courage, redemption, and the ultimate triumph of justice.

In a new epilogue, written on the fiftieth anniversary of Evers’s assassination, Vollers updates the main characters and examines efforts over the past two decades to bring more unpunished killers to trial. Her verdict: The ghosts of Mississippi are still restless.


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Lone Wolf Book Cover

Lone Wolf


They thought he was dead. But when the Olympic Park bomber was captured after five years on the run in the mountains of North Carolina, the questions remained: Who was Eric Robert Rudolph, and why did he kill? Maryanne Vollers tells the inside story of this domestic terrorism case through her unique access to all the players: the FBI, the Justice Department, the defense lawyers and the bomber himself. “A standout...a cool, gripping investigation,” said the New York Times.


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Ghosts of Mississippi Book Cover Ghosts of Mississippi


Nearly thirty years after the murder of civil rights leader Medgar Evers, a state struggles to confront the ghosts of its past in order to bring a cold-blooded assassin to justice. “Vivid...haunting...By isolating a small piece of the civil rights movement, Vollers has made the entire story more accessible and compelling.” --San Francisco Chronicle. Finalist: National Book Award, 1995; Robert F. Kennedy Book Award; Helen Bernstein Award for Excellence in Journalism.
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Yeonmi Park - In Order to Live


In Order to Live is the story of an extraordinary teenage girl’s escape from North Korea, her struggle to survive among human traffickers in China, and her bittersweet adjustment to life in the South, where she discovers that in order to truly be free, she must confront the truth about her past. “In a fluid narrative facilitated by co-author Vollers, Park offers poignant details of life in both North Korea and South Korea, where the refugees were largely regarded as losers and failures before they were even given a chance,” according to Kirkus Reviews. “An eloquent, wrenchingly honest work that vividly represents the plight of many North Koreans.” - What It's Like To Escape from North Korea

Sissy Cover

Sissy Spacek: My Extraordinary Ordinary Life


Jeannette Walls, author of The Glass Castle, describes My Extraordinary Ordinary Life as “a remarkable woman’s journey from a baton-twirling East Texas gal to an Academy Award winning star. Sissy Spacek tells her story with warmth and grace, never straying far from the small-town roots that shaped her.” Poignant, insightful and laugh-out-loud funny, Spacek’s memoir is about what matters most: the exquisite worth of ordinary things, the simple pleasures of home and family, and the honest job of being right with the world. In a starred review, Publisher's Weekly wrote "My Extraordinary Ordinary Life is the book version of Sissy: warm, heartfelt and very real."



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Ice Bound Book Cover

Ice Bound


A #1 New York Times Bestseller. When the only doctor at the South Pole develops breast cancer during the long, isolated winter, she is forced to treat herself while her fellow “polies” rally to save her and organize a daring airlift rescue. “This excellent book is about life, work, and the depth of human resiliency and love,” said Publishers Weekly.


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Living History Book Cover

Living History


Maryanne Vollers collaborated with Hillary Clinton on this intimate and definitive memoir of her life in public service, from childhood through her White House years. An international bestseller. In her acknowledgements, then-Senator Clinton wrote: “Maryanne helped me conceive this book and shepherded it -- and me -- over its ups and downs. She was a joy to work with and has the rare gift of understanding how to help another’s voice emerge.”


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Ashley Judd Book Cover

All That is Bitter & Sweet


In this New York Times bestselling memoir, the actor and activist Ashley Judd tells the story of how her childhood of neglect and abandonment fueled her passionate commitment to human rights. The journey takes her from the hills of Kentucky to the brothels of India and beyond. Former Secretary of State Madeline Albright calls the book “enlightening and inspiring...full of real-life stories that reflect both the compassion of its author and the need for healing in the world.”


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Profiles in Courage for Our Time Book Cover

Profiles in Courage for Our Time


Caroline Kennedy edited this collection essays about political and personal courage, inspired by her father, the late President John F. Kennedy’s Pulitzer Prize-winning book. In this collection Maryanne Vollers joins Bob Woodward, Michael Beschloss, Marian Wright Edelman and other prominent writers to celebrate politicians, activists, and other leaders who were willing to sacrifice their careers, and even their lives, for the public good.


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