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A partner in Homefire Productions, Maryanne collaborates with her husband, William Campbell, on national broadcast television projects addressing social issues around the world.

Wolves in ParadiseHow can we have the rancher and the wolf together? Set in the soaring mountains and majestic valleys of southwest Montana, the documentary Wolves in Paradise explores the answer to that question as it follows two very different ranching operations through a grazing season in wolf country. Filmmaker William Campbell and writer Maryanne Vollers spent more than six years documenting the relationship between ranchers, wolves and conservationists on the northern border of Yellowstone National Park.

Wolves in Paradise- PBS

NOW on PBS LogoMaryanne was the co-producer of the one-hour David Brancaccio/NOW on PBS special "On Thin Ice." She was also producer of the NOW segment "Prisons For Profit".

On Thin Ice

Prisons For Profit