Maryanne Vollers has written dozens of articles for major magazines and newspapers. Below is a sampling of a few of her features, some of them with links to the publication.

Time Logo

Inside Bombers Row

Indian Summer

A War to Save the Black Rhino

Diane Fossey Murder

Airlift to the Promised Land

AIDS in Africa

Indian Summer Magazine Spread
Esquire Logo

The Haunting of the New South

Costner's Last Stand

The White Woman from Hell

Mother Jones Logo

Libby's Deadly Grace

Razing Appalachia

Incident at Round Valley

Buffalo Soldiers

Sports Illustrated Logo

The Rhino Wars

A Light in the Darkness


Harper's Bazaar Logo

Oklahoma City: How do the people of a town recover?
American Jihad: A holy war against abortion
Who Bombed Judi Bari?






New York Times Magazine

Was This Soccer Mom a Terrorist?


Outside Magazine

The Wild Man of Kora


Audubon Magazine

Everybody’s got to Breathe: Pennsylvania activists draw the line on pollution.

Rolling Stone

Soldiers of Misfortune